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Kitto (AUS) is an Australian rock artist/songwriter based out of Sweden. Today her music has swept her throughout the globe in some 36 countries, collecting stories and observations from the North Pole to Tasmania, Robben Island to Tahiti. The scope of her live set of songs, mirror the influences from the world of travel. She performs solo shows and usually tours the spring and fall seasons. Kitto is also the co-founder and vocalist together with husband Pna Andersson for their Psychedelic Classic Rock band ‘Perfect Blue Sky’. She began her career in the early 90’s when she was signed to Australia’s most successful rock label Mushroom Records. In spite of big label support, Kitto craved the freedom to write, play and live the dream that comes from creating a true path beyond. She has continued her career as an independent artist ever since.

Gogo Rodeo tour dates for Kitto (AUS) Acoustic Caravan 2017
March Walter´s Pub, Vammala – Finland
March Hospoda Papirina Kouvola – Finland
April 6 Thursday Bar Praha, Helsinki – Finland
April 7 Friday Old Town Public House, Porvoo – Finland
April 8 Saturday One Pint Pub, Helsinki – Finland
April 14 Friday Art Cafe&Pub Serendipity, Karjaa – Finland
April 14 Friday, 04:00 PM Tornin Tupa, Hämeenlinna – Finland
April 15 Saturday Rantaravintola Lahnajärvi, Lahnajärvi – Finland
April 17 Monday Engelin Old Town, Stockholm – Sweden
(With special guests)
April 21 Friday Bar Taso, Release Party – Hämeenlinna, Finland
April 22 Saturday Kultainen Kulaus, Seinäjoki – Finland
April 28 Friday Pub Grönan, Hanko – Finland
April 29 Saturday Pub Grönan, Hanko – Finland
May 5 Friday Cafe Zokeria, Espoo – Finland
May 6 Saturday Wame, Lohja – Finland
May 13 Saturday, 05:00 PM Private
May 13 Saturday, 10:00 PM Hertta Krouvi, Porlampi, – Finland
May 13 Hämeenlinna – Finland
May 13 Turku – Finland

June 28 Karingsund Resort, Karingsund Åland
July 05 Karingsund Resort, Karingsund Åland
July 12 Karingsund Resort, Karingsund Åland
July 21 Friday Aussie Blues´n´Rock Night, Hotelli Savonsolmu, Pieksämäki – Finland
July 22 Saturday Bike Show 2017, Elenia Areena – Hämeenlinna, Finland (Afternoon gig)
July 22 Saturday Creme, Hämeenlinna – Finland (Showtime 24:00)
July 26 Wednesday Featuring Stéphane ‘Sloogy’ Bébert, AP Klubi, Albertin Kellari – Hämeenlinna, Finland
July 27 Thursday Featuring Stéphane ‘Sloogy’ Bébert, Bar Praha – Helsinki, Finland
July 28 Friday Featuring Stéphane ‘Sloogy’ Bébert, Hospoda Papirna, Kuusankoski
July 29 Saturday Featuring Stéphane ‘Sloogy’ Bébert, Kultainen Kulaus, Seinäjoki – Finland

July 31st One show only (SE) ‘La Caravane Français’ Stéphane ‘Sloogy’ Bébert & Kitto – Engelin, Stockholm Sweden

August 12 Saturday Taidekeskus Krimi, Imatra – Finland

SWEDEN Acoustic Caravan Gotland & West Coast
August 18 – 20 Visby Songwriter Festival, Gotland
August 24 Oscar & Den Lille Göteborg
August 25 Franses Hönö
August 26 Hakelverket

FINLAND & ÄLAND – Acoustic Caravan Fall Tour
September 15 Friday TBA
September 16 Saturday Hospoda Papirna, Kouvola – Finland
September 22 Friday Harvest Festival Stallhagen Åland
September 23 Saturday Harvest Festival Stallhagen Åland
September 26 Tuesday AlihankintaHEAT 2017, Alihankintamessut, Tampereen Messu- ja urheilukeskus, Tampere
September 27 Tampere TBA
September 29 Friday Lossiranta, Angelniemi – Finland
September 30 Saturday Graceville, Iisalmi – Finland
October 6 Friday TBA
October 7 Saturday Ravintola Bella, Loviisa – Finland
October 13 Friday TBA
October 14 Saturday Kultainen Kulaus, Seinäjoki – Finland
October 20 Friday TBA
October 21 Saturday Hertta Krouvi, Porlammi – Finland
October 27 Friday TBA
October 28 Saturday Private – Finland

December 12 Monday Brian Kramer Engelen Acoustic Christmas Caravan

On the road with Perfect Blue Sky (My other band) Nov – Dec

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