Jane Kitto Photo by Janette Wilson

Photo by Janette Wilson (Aust) Copyright free to use


Perfect Blue Sky – The Eye of Tilos (CD 2017)

Perfect Blue Sky – Emerald (CD 2015) 

Flower Punch – Flower Punch (CD 2012)

Kitto – Crash (CD 2011) 

Kitto – Unlearn Your Generation (EP 2009) 

Kitto – Chiltern Sessions Unreleased (CD 2007) 

Kitto – Over Sensitive (CD 2007) 

Kitto – Precious Junk (CD 2005) 

Kitto – Catalina Dreaming (Single 2004) 

Kitto – I Wonder Why (Single 2003) 

Kitto – Glorious (Single 2002) 

Kitto – Princess of Tragedy (CD 2002) 

Kitto – Umbilically Yours (CD 2000) 

Kitto – Baby Porcelain’ (CD 1998) 

Kitto – Jane Kitto Unreleased (EP 1996) 

Kitto – 20 Jacksonia (EP 1995) 

Kitto – Blind Lead The Blind (Single 1991)


Little Miss Rock N Roll Featuring The Fintones Finnish All Music & Media FAMCD-108 Finland (CD 2011) 

Power FX sample CD “Extreme Rock Funk Rage” features Kitto vocal samples (CD 2007) 

Rock ‘N Fuck CD Feat Kitto ‘A Short Story’.  Produced by Jerkhouse Connection – France (CD 2006) 

Essential Chillhouse Vol 4 Presents Cool Sound Music COOL07314 (2007) Spain 

W.A.A.M Ben Antell BOX AMERICANA Riverside Records rrcd009 (2000) 

Jukka Tolonen ‘Big Time’ Feat Kitto on ‘Hard Work Jam’ and ‘You sure know how to fool me’ VDFCD-8004 Gazell Records AB Sweden (1997) 

Mushroom Autumn Sampler  ‎– PRD91/11 (1991) Mushroom 

Cattletruck Ready to believe CD 38720 (1987) Mushroom  

Chantoosies  ‘He’s gonna step on you again’ (1987) Mushroom