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Voice Art Vocal School Kitto

SINGING training formerly hosted at Kunskapsskutan has now moved to ‘Voice Art’ based in Stockholm. Beginners and experienced welcome.

Voice Art is hosted by Australian singing coach and lead singer of Perfect Blue Sky Jane Kitto. Her personal coaching focuses on the principles of  “Universal Modern Singing”; teaching the importance of how the breath is to a singing performance along with correct pronunciation, modulation, and eliminating “accent” glitches. Kitto also demonstrates how to connect with the song to reflect your personality “Sing to be yourself” and uses an esthetique and visualisation approach. This helps creates an immediate experience for the student in finding their own voice and inner confidence. Six or seven weekly consecutive classes (training) are recommended for a start toward achieving good results. Cost 450 kr per session.

Course overview 

  1. Correct diaphragm breathing and muscle control (1st lesson)
  2. Arpeggio training
  3. Vocal Strengthening and dynamics
  4. Vowel, consonant and syllable pronunciation
  5. Soft & Hard Palette, Falsetto
  6. Power stance and voice projection.
  7. Posture and poise interacting chin, mouth, head and shoulders.
  8. Concentrate on “How to Load” the words, phrasing and where to breathe between the song lines.
  9. A song is chosen by the student to train along to.
  10. All vocal exercises are illustrated and sound recorded by the students to keep as a training tool.

For more information & contact. Course videos are soon available. Watch/listen here at YouTube

E-mail: missnoise@kittorock.com