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Cohens programme. Just notes to myself from the sessions I had with my awesome councillorLinda B over the phone (Aust-Sweden) Maintainence sessions. Keep to the 1st choice line of foods. Keept your weight in line use the max 2/3 kilos limit. Make a consistent decision to say no! Keep your limit to create freedom i.e […]

Voice Art

EVERYONE can sing but what have you got to say? This is usually my lead-in question at masterclasses and it’s quite a divider like oil n water. The blues folk did it in the cotton fields, formulating tunes to express their conditions of life. The Sami nomads did it striding across the northern hemisphere Joiking […]


My name is Jane, Janeeyyy, Kitto for those who have followed my crazy career path as a backpacker come life on the road as a bohemian musician, songwriter, and worshiper of philosophical teaching. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jane_Kitto_(musician) I absolutely love nature and animals and people who really try to honour and enhance their lives by staying true to […]