Yesterday eve we both took a walk via Fistral Beach nearby where we live in Newquay Cornwall. We usually explore the town’s outer coastline cliffs to watch our favourite Raven grace the skies weaving throughout the sunset. But yesterday bought a different calling and a need to connect with water’s edge itself. My husband took the high line to avoid his shoes becoming water drenched whereas I just walked straight in to the west sunset and forgot to abandon my trainers. I felt so drawn to move directly into the sea. There were a few last surfers wafting upon the waves along with a photographer who had her tripod set to ‘SUNSET’ mode and stood with only a chequered hoodie and bare legs. “That could have been me standing there” I thought. As I moved closer, my thoughts and visuals flooded me full of many family friends back home whom I love and will always miss. I know that ‘Now is the space around the thing’ as Eckhart Tolle once quoted from ‘The Power Of Now’ but as a close friend dear Ena – an elder of my soul family once said like in all her wisdom chats – “Janey, people never really leave us, they just become a part of us. We carry them always.” I often think of this quote from Ena and it brings me such comfort, moreover this night at the beach was an example of her wise words. I love SO many people alive and who are no longer here on earth. I carry everyone in my heart which define the mad antics I portray in life and onstage. Kitto Video “I am all I met today” Anyhow getting back to the beach, I began to say out loud a list of so many folk from the flurry inside my head! “This reminds me of Sean catching a wave at 13th beach in Ocean Grove, Danny jammin down at The Bud, Ross and JB sitting around in their backyard with the Big Bong BBQ burning outside in their yard, Debbie’s holiday dream,  Phillip Island and the wonder of the koalas hanging upside down from the trees watching us tourists invade through the afternoon sun peaks. I think of my Dad and his family – Nanna and her lavender cupboards, Uncle Jack trying to fire gumnuts through the letter box, Simon sitting with his nylon string guitar on the beaches of Balnarring smoking a spliff and already questioning where all of this was leading to but Pink Floyd had the answer? Darwin, Melbourne, Sydney, Jason, Rosebud, our hammock, Sorrento, my friends, family, make shift homes, Rob G and the list continues just like the waves together with the longing to come back and live there one day. Everything wakes up and comes alive inside of me at the seas edge. Here I can visit everyone and everything I’ve always longed for my whole traveling life. The list continues however as the sunset descends, I realise the time is closing in and my husband’s wet feet are flapping back downwards skipping sand puddles from the ripping tide trying to stay alive. Poor Swede! He made this dream possible for me to revisit my life and live near the ocean, himself having grown up in the enchanted forests of Sweden so this whole thing of ‘living by the seaside’ for this Swede is full of critters and sink holes, temperamental waves and the ultimate vertigo challenge. But as my soul buddy, he knows after years of longing in bohemian transit, this is home and with our dream!

Fistral Beach Newquay Cornwall UK 8pm May 18 2020 Photo by Pna Andersson “Yep thats me over on the left”
Fistral Beach Newquay Cornwall UK 8 Pm May 18 2020 “I remember”

My name is Jane, Janeeyyy, Kitto for those who have followed my crazy career path as a backpacker come life on the road as a bohemian musician, songwriter, and worshiper of philosophical teaching. I absolutely love nature and animals and people who really try to honour and enhance their lives by staying true to their intentions. I know that sounds altruistic but actually it is! I still believe in the magic of discovery and spontaenity, falling in love and believing in values and principle. I’m definetly not religous but have devout faith in natures principle and perfect order. It happens around us all the time. I don’t believe in ageism or social confirmity for the sake of being indebted to a promise. What that means I don’t know but I can say free will and passion tempered with reason is probably the best recipe for a happy life. Kahil Gibran said it here I spent a brief session in the Australian Navy (2 years) before my warrant officer embarked on my honerable discharge in search of a career in music. Jimmy Shrapnel appropriately named for a Weapons Officer decided to write me a song titled ‘Janey K’ to enable a suitable discharge to save me from polishing ghastly black shoes everyday and wearing a non-regulation ‘Pink Watch’ which my chief at the time had me reprimanded for. I just couldn’t do conformity in the services or in the mainsteam version of society. I found it hard work at 58% certified ADHD with out the drugs. So I channelled my life into songs and asking questions about life, dreaming big and believing the law of attraction would open some doors to experience. I figured i couold learn that way and find my place to make a contribution to this world in an unconventional way! So hello here I am ready to follow my own nutty advice (which I do via my mentor DUCK) and my adorable soul mate husband Pna. I dreamed of meeting a person like him my whole life. You know that invisibly friend who trails beside you on the pathways to school, or sits with you at the beach or watching the stars at night. Thats him which became a reality after I wrote on my vision board that I wanted to share my life with a long haired artistic person who shared the same values and principles and love to create in the moment and play. Well I got my wish and it was better than any record deal I could have signed. More on that later. So rolling on to now; just for now I wish to say thankyou for letting me into your world. I’m 100% transparent and a friend. There are alot of amazing beautiful peeps out in the world and they say water seeks it’s own level. So things are of consequence and meeting you here is important to me.We all are a story of how life plays itself out. This is my version. xox

Random thoughts from scattered papers about this new era like a George Orwell series called ‘Viral Mania 2020’ These are defining times. It’s no longer about ‘Me’ but ‘We’; to survive as a species physically, mentally uni-laterally. This virus (Covid 19) will define this multi-generation by our attitudes, our dreams, appreciation and reconnection, straighten those crooked roads of priorities we have followed and bring into alighnment human nature and accountability. We’re clever but clever can be an arrogant word too. Now it’s about humility and compassion for each other to survive as a dignified species. One thing I’ve learned is to always tell the truth to yourself and others. Create a fool proof karma.We’re all caught up in this like a Tsunami wipe out. Its either part of the problem or part of the solution. That simple. We can’t buy our way out so we gotta do the right thing by ourselves and the person next to us. The daily dose of ‘gettin’ it right’. Our true natures and tools are emerging again as we exit the industrial treadmill for a while. Not all of us will want to climb onboard again. There is life after the machine called (whats the name?) We are basically all good people who sometimes forgot to work to live… not the other way around! So perhaps time for us to get out those board games, make the calls, grab those tattered doggy eared lists (like myself) paper mache and complete those tasks. (P) Not sure if it’s a lyric or poem or just ramblings but here goes … A long Sunday begins. It’s a time in a lifetime that you have been waiting for where there is finally no ambition , no past or future only now. And the days run by like a stream of memory meets presence. What if there were no future to forecast, only the existence between day and night, are we back to the middle of earth?

Heres another (P) The Calalystic Collector David Bowie 5 years. I so wish I could locate this video as I saw it one time whilst on a transit flight from Australia to the UK. The notes I’m unscrambling here from the back of an airlines sickbag read ” He would lead you down a garden path and suddenly go awol with the chords. Bowie often played a 12 string guitar and threw chords about. Eb bass. Bowie lived like he had seen the cosmos. Mick Ronson … something about a bus stop. Was a self actualiser, stared the stages with Iggy Pop and other creative icons . Put together odds and ends and exhausted everyone with his ideas. David Bowie was self actualised. He enhanced those around him – feel good (love this bit) Dressed as a sharpster. A star! (Music)

Recommendations: Spotify You Tube Soundcloud

  • Rival Sons – Feiral Roots and pretty much everything.
  • Post Malone – This is Post Malone includes Circles, Sunflower
  • Eliza Shaddad – Divine indie artist
  • Perfect Blue Sky – The Eye Of Tilos, Emerald (Our band)
  • Mother Vulture – Indie Classic rock
  • Tony Moore – Vocalist Keys Great songwriter and friend
  • Lucy Kitt A beautiful folk alternative vocalist/guitarist/songwriter
  • Netherbird – Melodic Black Metal from Sweden and husband Pna’s other band
  • Flower Punch – Alternative
  • More to come….
  • (Music Cat)

In search of Duck stuff! Pre duck times. (P) There comes a time when you look up to the sky with your universal eyes ‘stars’ in search of our grand creator listening. And you find the one truely is looking back at you … in all things reflected; the sky, the sea, nature, animals and in my case through expression of music. The ‘Eyes’ they are looking down through into your eyes and everything is reflected back. If only I could reach up to the stars! Perfect Blue Sky ‘The Silver Ark’ And everywhere she steps, flowers spring to life – A quote from a song ‘Colours’ – PBS Collection 2020

I AM DUCK (Duck Wisdom category) See next paragraph below

It’s time for Duck Wisdom! As an ADHD specialist of my own brand, I always start the day with cup of kwooffie then onto meditation. I have a blue toy duck as my daily mentor who I usually stare at in the shower – as no bath in our small loft apartment. And the ‘DUCK’ always reminds me to stay true to my own convictions. I don’t get off the hook with guy. The DUCK sounds mad but he recalls all promises and instruction. So write to ask the questions in order to live into the answers!

Episode 1. Find your own sanctuary, a peaceful place within yourself where you can access all guidence, thoughts and connection to everything in paradigms. You will find yourself longing for this place more and more as it nurtures your native self. Everyone needs a sanctuary and from there you can operate in truth. Once you get there, practice to cultivate staying there.

  1. Stay true in all you do , all your actions. Be honest, don’t harbour guilt, self lies or intentions
  2. Make a plan for yourself. Actualise one thing at a time. Create a balance sheet consisting of Projects & Work, Health, Social, Family, Leisure, Paying it forward in contribution, Alone time, Family, Recreation, Learning & Growth (as I’m doing right here in this blog)
  3. One has to be on their best behavior in this kingdom. Survival of the best, the strongest, no one is relaxed on their game ; let’s take it easy and eat tomorrow. In the animal kingdom, tommorow may not happen if today does’nt fulfil itself. Don’t be lazy, be your best or someone will take your nest, styeal your stage and your mate, your food, your bed. Hunt or be hunted. Address your habits. Be in the moment, it’s all an animal knows, no rationale. Its okay to be in the moment. Its a life better lived.


DUCK AHEAD It’s a nature sport. preparation is key to living a more relaxed life – not having to always keep up from the rear so to speak. They say ” the best defence is a good offense. A war tactic or otherwise but it definetly combats procrastination and apathy. We tend to live in the opposite direction to our aspired life, dreams and natures flow, tyring to wade through rather than practice the code of prepeparation. The animals do it; survey their prey, plan the time for the kill, strike in the sweet spot of the moment their prey is within range. That’s how it works. Prepare!! As ‘Billy Elliot’s’ ballet coach continuously bellows out. prepare yourself for the day, for the moment love walks in to seduce you, the telephone call, the impromptu gig, the questions or encounters etc. Most of the time we are inconveined due to the fact that we wer’nt prepared spontaenously and that leads to excuses, irritations and exaggerated reactions. (Duck Wisdom category)

DUCKTAPOSED (different things) side by side (as to compare them or contrast them or to create an interesting effect) juxtapose Sounded good anyhow! (Duck Wisdom category)

WAKE UP DUCK (Duck Wisdom category)

HIS DUCKNESS (Duck Wisdom category)

IF DUCKS COULD SPEAK? (Duck Wisdom category)

DUCK ROYALE (Duck Wisdom category)

DUCKS DON’T DO DEXCUSES(Duck Wisdom category)

DUCK FAME =15 MINUTES (Duck Wisdom category)

YOU CAN’T DUCK KARMA (Duck Wisdom category)

THE DUCK TAPES (Duck Wisdom category)

GET DUCKED (Duck Wisdom category)

ONE DUCK AT A TIME – Manage one day, a project, one task at a time, experience one person. The secret is to take it all down to base level through breathing and regular changes of routines which helps to reset ones focus and natural chemical balances in the brain. My mother in law is a science-chemistry teacher and painfully as such, she cannot lie (like mýself actually). So therefore she clarified things in practice with her own students on the importance of the brain needing to rebuild proteins with regular breaks. Word! (Duck Wisdom category)

DUCK FOR COVER (Duck Wisdom category)

DON’T DUCK ABOUT – You can learn! Tell yourself this and take comfort. It’s just that information saturation make you overwhelmed and then it’s too much. Distortion sets in and the head hurts, apathy drowns the senses. (Duck Wisdom category)

DUCKS GOT A PLAN – Take it one day at a time. Learn to become hungry. It will sharpen you up, make you clean, lean and clear verses appetite and cravings.Use your hunger as a power. Dieting can become a life long state of the cycle of yearning for food, saiety and comfort eating. I highly recommend this programme #Dr Cohen’s 1st Personal Diet from personal experience as it WORKS BOOM! It’s specially designed to rebalance the bodys hormones, blood values and brings scientific results plus feeling incredibly radiant and energised. More on that later but meanwhile: (Duck Wisdom category) (health and beauty)